The spirit of exploration

A voyage of marine and land flavours

British marine & coastal botanicals perfectly paired with the world’s most remarkable ingredients from our world travels.

Greenwich Gin

A timeless classic with a hint of unexpected elsewheres. Greenwich Gin is the perfect pairing between the finest British marine botanicals and the most enchanting accords from our world travels. We’ll cast off and take you on a beautiful journey of ocean travel to discover unique and intriguing flavours from around the world, all underpinned by a classic London Dry base.

Anchored in the British Isles but curiously exploring the world, this is the spirit of Greenwich Meridian, the centre of time and space, where east meets west and land meets sea. We honour the legacy of Greenwich Meridian, which goes beyond its maritime history and the fixing of 0° longitude and Mean Time. A legacy that enacts the world coming together in agreement on how to measure time and space, a legacy about inclusion and coexistence, seeing the Earth as the one world we all live in.

Our Story

Our story is one of exploration and curiosity. We seek to revive the spirit of the Great Explorers who sailed on adventures to explore the world. We modernize that curiosity by sharing our stories of ocean travel and beautiful places, their people, their unique flavours and ingredients; stories that bring people together while respecting their heritage and environment.

More than world travel, our journey is one of living and belonging to communities around the world. We are proud of the different cultures, languages, flavours and heritage coming together to define who we are. Through our gin we share genuine stories of the people and places we met along the way.

Be good to our oceans

A sustainable future is our only future. Besides ensuring that ingredients are sustainably sourced, we eliminated plastic and synthetic materials from our packaging in favour of sustainable materials such as natural cork and seals made from wood pulp.

In addition, each bottle we sell helps sponsor education and preservation projects by our partner, The Seahorse Trust. One of their missions is to end the marine curio trade, a heart-breaking reality with devastating consequences to marine species and their habitats.





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